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  Its very interesting to note where the debate about diversity(多樣化) is taking place. It is taking place primarily in political circles. Here at the College Fund, we have a lot of contact with top corporate(公司的) leaders; none of them is talking about getting rid of those instruments that produce diversity. In fact, they say that if their companies are to compete in the global village and in the global market place,diversity. In fact, they say that if their companies are to compete in the global village and in the global market place, diversity is an imperative. They also say that the need for talented, skilled Americans means we have to expand the pool of potential employees. And in looking at where birth rates are growing andat where the population is shifting, corporate America understands that expanding the pool means promotingpolicies that help provide skills to more minorities, more women and more immigrants. Corporate leaders know that if that does not occur in our society, they will not have the engineers, the scientists, the lawyers, or the business managers they will need.

  Likewise, I dont hear people in the academy saying.Lets go backward. Lets go back to the good old days, when we had a meritocracy(不拘一格選人才)(which was never true-we never had a meritocracy, although weve come closer to it in the last 30 years.) I recently visited a great little college in New York where the campus has doubled its minority population in the last six years. I talked with an African American who has been a professor there for a long time, and she remembers that when she first joined the community, there were fewer than a handful of minorities on campus. Now, all of us feel the university is betterbecause corporate board rooms or on college campuses.


  Choose correct answers to the question:

  1.The wordimperative(Line5,Para.1) most probably refers to something _____





  2.Which of the following groups of people still differ in their views on diversity?

  A. Minorities.

  B. Politicians.

  C. Professors.

  D. Managers.

  3.High corporate leaders seem to be in favor of promoting diversity so as to ______

  A. lower the rate of unemployment

  B. win equal political rights for minorities

  C. be competitive in the world market

  D. satisfy the demands of a growing population

  4.It can be inferred from the passage that _____

  A. meritocracy can never be realized without diversity

  B. American political circles will not accept diversity

  C. it is unlikely that diversity will occur in the U.S. Media

  D. minorities can only enter the fields were no debate is heard about diversity

  5.According to the passage diversity can be achieved in American society by ____

  A. expanding the pool of potential employees

  B. promoting policies that provide skills to employees

  C. training more engineers, scientists lawyers and business managers

  D. providing education for all regardless of race or sex

  1.[D] 詞義理解題。本句說到公司要在地球村和全球市場上競爭,多樣性是imperative,由前文“沒有取消引起多樣性的手段”和下文提到的公司對各種各樣有技能的美國人的需求可知,多樣性對于企業來說應該“必需的”故D正確。

  2.[B] 事實細節題。第2段末句指出這種辯論主要存在于政治圈和媒體中,結合上句內容,可知其中的this debate指的就是關于多樣性的辯論,故B正確。

  3.[C] 事實細節題。由第1段第4句可知,公司高層領導人促進多樣化的原因是想要在全球市場上更具競爭力,C與此相符。

  4.[A] 推理判斷題。第2段中提到有些人認為在沒有多樣性的過去照樣能做到不拘—格選人才,但作者馬上which was never true否定此觀點,故A正確。第2段只提到多樣性的辯論存在于政治圈和媒體,但并不代 表在這兩個圈子里不能接受或從未出現多樣性,故排除B、C;D說法過于絕對,且在文中找不到依據,也可排除。

  5.[D] 推理判斷埋。由第1段倒數第2句可知企業expand the pool就意味著向more minorities,more women more immigrants提供技能培訓,而expand the pool對應的就是題干中的說的多樣性的形成,D中的race sex分別對文中minoritieswomen,故正確。A泛泛而談,沒有說到點子上,不如D具體、準確;B與多樣性沒有關系,C是利用文中的有關職業的詞拼湊而成的干擾項。