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中國越來越重視公共圖書館,并鼓勵人們充分加以利用。 就近公布的統計數字表明,中國的公共圖書館數量在逐年增長。許多圖書館通過翻新和擴建,為讀者創造了更為安靜、舒適的環境。大型公共圖書館不僅提供種類繁多的參考資料,而且定期舉辦講座、展覽等活動。近年來,也出現了許多數字圖書館,從而節省了存放圖書所需的空間。一些圖書館還推出了自助服務系統,使讀者借書還書更加方便,進一步滿足了讀者的需求。


China tends to pay more attention to the public libraries and encourages people to make full use of them. The latest statistics showed that the number of Chinese public libraries is increasing year after year. Many libraries have been renovated and expanded to create a more quiet and comfortable environment for the readers. Large-scale public libraries do not only provide a variety of reference materials but also hold events including lectures and exhibitions regularly. For the past few years, many digital libraries showed up, saving space for the storage of books. To make it more convenient for the readers to borrow and return books, some of the libraries also provided the self-service system which meets the readers' demands further.




In recent years, the Chinese government has further increased investment in gymnasium construction to better fulfill people’s rapid growing needs on fitness. In addition to the new gymnasiums, many cities have increased the number of local gymnasiums by renovating/remolding old factories and commercial buildings into gyms. With government funding, more and more gymnasiums are open to the public for free or for a small charge. Many gymnasiums have significantly improved the service quality through the application of modern information technology. People can easily book venues and pay in advance. It is foreseeable that with the continuous improvement of sports facilities, more and more people will go to the gym to keep fit.




In recent years, a growing number of museums in China are open to the public for free.  The time of exhibition and the number of visitors has all risen dramatically. In front of the gate of some well-received museums, long lines is very common. These museums have to take measures to limit the number of visitors. Nowadays, with the forms of exhibition becoming increasingly various, some large museums are using the advanced technologies like multimedia and virtual reality to make exhibitions more attractive. Not a few museums are also holding exhibitions on line, where people can view rare and valuable exhibits. However, the experience of viewing exhibits on the scene is more attractive to most visitors.