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book tickets 定票

make hotel reservation 訂房


A) Customer and salesperson.

B) Teacher and student.

C) Boss and secretary.

D) Guest and waitress.

M: Please make 20 copies of this and deliver them to the chief executive and heads of departments.

W: Certainly, sir. They will find it on their desks tomorrow morning.

Q: What is the probable relationship between the two speakers?

注:chief executive 行政主管

chief executive officer CEO


A) Whether to employ the woman.

B) Whether to take up the new job.

C) Whether to ask for a raise.

D) Whether to buy a new house.

M: You know, I' m just not too sure if the new salary will be high enough or even the new position is really what I want. Besides, I like the work that I am doing now.

W: It sounds as though you've already made up your mind about what you are going to do.

Q: What is the man thinking about?

注:take up 選課(take, take up, enroll in, register for, sign up for);接受(take)


A) A teacher.

B) A psychologist.

C) A librarian.

D) A publisher.

W: I'm looking for a textbook for my Psychology course. It's called " Introduction to Educational Psychology" . Do you have it?

M: Yes, we do. You'll find it in Section 24 on the top shelf.

Q: What's the man's occupation?


1. textbook 教科書

2. introduction 初級課程

3. shelf 書架

1、票已售完 2、接人晚點 3、送人傷感


airplane 飛機 flight 航班 take off 起飛 land 降落 circle 盤旋

wing 機翼;建筑物的側樓;博物館側面展廳;翅膀

terminal 終端機(computer);終點站;候機大廳


A) The cause of the flood.

B) The heroic fight against a flood.

C) The effects of the flood.

D) Floods of the past twenty years.

M: This has been the worst flood for the past 20 years. It has caused much damage and destruction.

W: Look at the prices of fruits and vegetables. No wonder they are so expensive.

Q: What are they talking about?





A) They waited for each other at different places.

B) They were both busy doing their own work.

C) They went to the street corner at different times.

D) The man went to the concert but the woman didn't.

W: George, where were you yesterday evening? I expected to see you at the concert.

M: Oh, I waited for you at the corner of your street. Then I looked for you at your flat, but the housekeeper said you were out.

Q: Why didn't they meet that evening?

注: flat (英)公寓=apartment(美) sneaker 運動鞋(美)

trainer 運動鞋(英) sweat shirt 運動衫(美)

jersey 運動衫(英) corn 玉米(美)

maize 玉米(英) church 教堂(美)

chapel 教堂,小禮拜堂(英) cathedral 天主教大教堂(美)

luggage 行李(美) baggage 行李(英)