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  3、有病耽誤課 miss the class


  1、生病 get ill

  2、睡過頭 over sleep

  3、traffic (車壞了,或者交通的問題)


  operation 手術

  infirmary (校內)醫務室;cafeteria 飯堂;tuition 學費

  treat, treatment 治療(過程)

  cure 治愈(結果)

  [study, learn; search, find; try, manage]

  clinic 診所

  ward 病房

  student health center 學生健康中心

  medical center 醫療中心

  prescribe 開處方;preview 預習;interview 面試;international 國際的

  fill the prescription 抓藥

  refill the prescription 再抓藥

  check out 辦理出院手續

  emergency department 急診室


  A) To meet Tom Wang.

  B) To work in his office.

  C) To go to hospital.

  D) To attend a meeting.

  M: This is Tom Wang speaking. Could you tell me Mr. Smith’s schedule for tomorrow? I would like to meet him at his convenience.

  W: Let me see. He’ll go to see his doctor at 8, and chair a meeting at 10 in the morning. Well, he will be in the office the whole afternoon.

  Q: What does Mr. Smith plan to do at 10 o’clock tomorrow morning?

  注:chair 主持




  例如:1. I want to make a long distance call. When is the best time?

  例如:2. Maybe I ought to subscribe to the journal. 捐獻;定購訂閱。

  Why don't you save the money and read it in the library?

  例如:3. A) To wear a heavy sweater to the game.

  B) To postpone the game.

  C) To change tickets.

  D) To watch the game at home.




  1. 地點;2. to do表目的;3. -ing;4. A and B結構,人物關系


  What, Where, When, Who




  例如:fine ???校外交通;校內圖書館)

  cashier 出納(各個場景)

  teller (銀行)出納員

  ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) 自動提款機


  A) He is still being treated in the hospital.

  B) He has had an operation.

  C) He'll rest at home for another two weeks.

  D) He returned to work last week.

  M: How is your father, Mary? The last time I came to see you, you were about to take him to the hospital.

  W: He came home last week. The operation was very successful. The doctor said he' d almost recovered and could go back to work next week.

  Q: What did the woman say about her father?

  注:be about to do 正要做某事。