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   1. paper 論文;newspaper 報紙;文件;紙

  research 查詢資料(library)

  2. presentation 口頭報告 = report, speech, address


  interview 面試(也需正式著裝)

  3. reading assignment 閱讀作業

  reading list 讀書清單












      typewriter(break down 壞了;ribbon 色帶), printer, laser printer, laptop.




  注:1. 口語中現在進行時表將要

  2. must 表猜測

  have got to do 表應該,必須


  A) He didn't buy anything.

  B) He got some medicine for his foot.

  C) He was sick and couldn't go shopping.

  D) He bought everything except the football.

  W: Did you go shopping this afternoon?

  M: Yes, but all I got was a sore foot.

  Q: What does the man mean?

  注:sore foot 腳疼

  sore throat 嗓子疼


  A) She didn't know her daughter could sing so well.

  B) She sings better than her daughter.

  C) She doesn't like her daughter.

  D) She herself doesn't have a good voice.

  M: I heard your daughter sing at the school concert last night. She has a lovely voice, I must say.

  W: Thank you, but I don't know where she gets it.

  Q: What does the woman probably mean?


  A) He finds history books difficult to understand.

  B) He has to read a lot of history books.

  C) He doesn't like the history course.

  D) He has lost his history book.

  W: Why are you so tired and upset?

  M: I’ve been taking the history course this term. But the trouble is that I’ll never get through the reading list.

  Q: Why is the man worried?