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Qualities of Friends:

Q: What do you think are the most important qualities for friends to have?


信任 trust

真誠 sincerity loyalty

幫助, 原諒 helpful forgiving

尊重彼此隱私: respect privacy

一直堅守在朋友左右: available, be there


I think a good friend is always someone who trusts you and can be trusted.

And this person should show sincerity in this friendship and be always loyal to you.

Life is full of ups and downs, and when youre down,

hes always there to give you a hand.

Sometimes we get emotional and unreasonable under pressure, and to be a good friend, we need to learn to understand this and forgive the other person is he or she yells at you or takes out the aggressive feeling on you.拿你撒氣

But most importantly, good friends always respect the privacy of each other.

Its true that youre closer to me than others. But still, youre you, Im me.

Theres a famous Chinese saying, Familiarity breeds contempt.” 熟來生厭

So keeping a reasonable distance is imperative to a healthy friendship. (144 words)

Q: Which are more important to people, their family or their friends? Why?



這就想問 空氣和水哪個重要一樣

家人: unconditional support security

朋友: help, common experience in growing up, 放松, 不會嘮叨你


I think to a large degree, they are equally important to me.

Its like asking me which one is more important between water and air.

Family is important to a person because when the world ends,

your family is still behind you.

Family members provide you unconditional love and support.

On the other hand, friends can offer you different kind of help. Because you grow up together, so you have a feeling they really get you.

And friends never nag at you. So when youre with your friends, youre more relaxed.

(90 words)

Q: What do you think causes friendships to break up?



trust crisis

outgrow your friends

loss of common language


I guess the reason why most friendships break up is because people lose trust in each other. Maybe theres a case of dishonesty where one person lies to another. And then they feel its no longer working out anymore.

Another reason is that maybe one of the two friends grow too fast and develop too rapidly so he feels that he has outgrow his friend in many ways and he doesnt know how to be with him anymore. The loss of common language also causes a friendship to break up. (90 words)