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  Write an essay of 160-200 words based on the picture below. In your essay, you should


  1)describe the picture briefly


  2)interpret the meaning, and


  3)give your comments.


  Write your answer neatly on the ANSWER SHEET.(20 points)





  As is vividly depicted in the graph that sitting in front of a computer, a student is selecting the curriculum, taking numerous elements into consideration including the innovation, the freshness of knowledge and the level of difficulty as well as the scoring, the qualified rate and burden of assignment. The caption says: The course selecting is on the way, indicating the importance of well-rounded consideration while making a choice.


  We can deduce from the portrayal that well-rounded contemplating, a significant quality, serves as an indispensable capability bringing about positive influence toward different aspects of our lives. It is commonly known that the value of comprehensiveness and sophistication of thinking has been proved by countless examples around us, such as the governmental policy making and selection of compulsory and optional course. If we can put this notion into practice, it would exert profound and constructive influence. Therefore, well-rounded and thorough thinking will create huge benefit to the prosperity of community as well as personal development.


  Whatever difficulty or situation we are confronted with, those who have the ability of analyzing the ingredients and integrating them together are nearer to success. Therefore, well-rounded consideration is the wisdom we should live up to.










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