Last week we talked about Anne Bradstreet and the role of women in the Puritan colonies.

上周我們談論過Anne Bradstreet以及在北美殖民地中女性的角色。

Today I want to talk about some other women who've contributed to American historysome famous and some not-so-famous.


The first woman I'd like to talk about is Molly Pitcher.

第一位女性我想要談論的是Molly Pitcher

Those of you who are familiar with the name may know her as a hero of the American Revolution.


But, in fact, there never was a woman named Molly Pitcher.

但是,事實上,從來沒有一個女人叫做Molly Pitcher。

Her real name was actually Mary Ludwig Hays.

她真正的名字實際上是Mary Ludwig Hays。

She got the nickname Molly Pitcher for her acts of bravery during the Revolutionary War.

她得到Molly Pitcher這個外號是因為她在革命戰爭(美國獨立戰爭)期間的英勇表現。

As the story goes, when Mary'sor Molly'shusband, John Hays, enlisted in the artillery, Mary followed, like many other wives did.

據說,當Mary的—或者說 Molly的—丈夫,John Hays,應征參加了炮兵,Mary跟隨而去,像很多其他的妻子那樣。

She helped out doing washing and cooking for the soldiers.


She was known to be a pretty unusual woman.


She smoked a pipe and chewed tobacco.


Anyway, in the summer of 1778, at the Battle of Monmouth, it was a blistering hot day, maybe over a hundred degrees, and fifty soldiers died of thirst during the battle.


Molly wasn't content to stay back at camp.


Instead, she ran through gunshots and cannon fire carrying water in pitchers from a small stream out to the thirsty American soldiers.


The relief that she brought with her pitchers of water gave her the legendary nickname Molly Pitcher.

她用她水罐里的水帶來的安慰(的事跡),給予了她傳奇的綽號Molly Pitcher。

The story also says that she continued to load and fire her husband's cannon after he was wounded.


They say she was so well liked by the other soldiers that they call her "Sergeant Molly."


In fact, legend has it that George Washington himself gave her the special military title.

事實上,傳說George Washington親自給予了她這個特殊的軍銜。