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1.She hasnt decided with ______ she should first make contact.

  A. who

  B. whom

  C. how

  D. which

  2.That is ______ we differ.

  A. that

  B. where

  C. what

  D. whether

  3.Another worry is that telecommunication systems may isolate people ______ each other.

  A. from

  B. for

  C. with

  D. to

  4.If I ______ in your place, I wouldnt trouble him.

  A. were

  B. had been

  C. could be

  D. was to be

  5._______ the moon moves round the earth is well known to all of us.

  A. That

  B. What

  C. When

  D. As

  6.I doubt _______ they can complete the bridge ahead of time.

  A. whether

  B. that

  C. why

  D. what

  7.The question he asked was _______ I come here.

  A. that

  B. how

  C. what

  D. because

  8.Too many people are indifferent _______ otherstroubles.

  A. with

  B. to

  C. of

  D. about

  9.Let us see how dictionaries are made and how the editors _______ definitions.

  A. lead to

  B. arrive at

  C. reach for

  D. approach to

  10.Shanghai is the place _______ I was born.

  A. on which

  B. in which

  C. when

  D. that



  答案解析:with用于與make contact搭配。本題使用的短語是make contact with sb.whom在本句中引導的句子做介詞with的賓語。由于位于介詞后面,所以用賓格形式whom.




  答案解析:isolate sb/sth from sb/sth是固定搭配。






  答案解析:doubt 用在肯定句中,之后的賓語從句用 whether if 引導。用在否定句中,后接賓語從句用 that 引導。




  答案解析:indifferent,形容詞,“漠然的、冷淡的”,常用indifferent to.


  答案解析:本題考查詞義辨析。arrive at:獲得(結果);達到(目的)。


  答案解析:出生在某地,要用介詞in.此句話中,in which=where.